The Sunday School Prize

The Sunday School PrizeYesterday evening, I published a new short story The Sunday School Prize on Kindle.

It is a dark fantasy set in a North London primary school in the 1980s and it concerns Sorcha, an eccentric nine-year-old girl who lives largely in her own private fantasy world fuelled by tales of myths and legends especially those found in a mysterious old tome Myths and Legends of the British Isles which she acquires from a school fair.

The target of bullying and ridicule, Sorcha retreats ever further into her interior landscape until the fateful day when the dark, uncanny world of Myths and Legends of the British Isles collides explosively with the everyday world of school life.

In creating the background for this book I drew on my own memories of school life, such as the hated school dinners which you could be forced to finish, playground games and Carpet Time when we all sat cross-legged on a rectangle of carpet in a corner of the classroom to listen to a story.

Thirty years on, these memories have a gold-tinted glow of nostalgia of a time and age well and truly lost. It does seem though that one could pack in more joy and anguish in a single fifteen minute Play Time than a week of adult life.


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