Coming Soon – Greek Mythology Ebook – In the Beginning was Chaos

I am currently in the throes of editing the first in what I plan to be a series of ebooks on Greek Mythology.Pandora

In the Beginning was Chaos is a book focusing on the creation myths of ancient Greece, an area which is often overlooked, compared to the many retellings and explorations of the myths of heroes such as Herakles and Theseus and story cycles such as the Trojan War.

This book will focus both on the inter-generational conflicts between the gods, culminating in the victory of Zeus and his siblings, and on the stories of emergent humanity, including the tale of Pandora, Prometheus’ defiance of Zeus on behalf of humanity, and the Greek version of the Great Flood myth that echoes that of biblical and other Near Eastern mythology.

The book should be available on Amazon Kindle within the next couple of months. There will be further announcements when a release date is imminent.


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